May 15, 2020

Fun with Flowers

We may not know it, but the subtleties of flowers and the effect they have on our mental and physical health are surprisingly good for us. Yes, flowers are pretty and they smell good, but they can also do so much more for us. Growing and arranging flowers stimulates our minds and bodies, while at the same time allowing us to admire nature’s beauty. Though we tend to think of flowers as being associated with a special occasion, having flowers in our home at all times can fill our senses with the soothing aroma of relaxation.

In fact, flowers can improve our emotional health simply by being present in our homes. Studies have shown that all ages and demographics showed a positive response when receiving flowers as a gift and had increased levels of happiness. Further studies have shown that flowers can decrease our feelings of depression and anxiety, and give us a greater appreciation of life.

Flowers can be arranged in certain ways that influence how we feel and can set the mood of a room or a space that we are in. Arranging flowers can be an easy and fun activity to share with others, or make a great weekend project. If you want to save a trip to the store and a few dollars in your wallet, consider investing in creating a flower garden in your own yard or patio. Not only will it add visual interest, but will give you all the supplies you will need to create flower arrangements whenever you please.

The first step to creating a simple arrangement is to pick flowers that you like. To make the experience more enjoyable, try to pick flowers that have a pleasing aroma as well. Next, gather up some vases depending on the number of flowers you have on hand. Choosing a vase that is tall and narrow is good for few flowers with long stems, while wider mouthed vases allow flowers to expand and showcase their petals.

Next, trim your flowers and cut their stems at an angle to allow for optimal water absorption. If there are excess leaves, cut them off and allow those close to the top of the stem to remain. Leaving a small number of leaves on the stem will allow the flower to continue gathering sunlight for photosynthesis and eventually help the flower bloom.

Use tape in a grid-like layout on the mouth of the vase to help guide you in placing your flowers and keep them in nice and neat. Add water and place the flowers in a pattern you find appealing. If you choose flowers that have a variety of colors, try scattering them around to add visual interest to your arrangement. Keep taller stemmed flowers towards the center and gradually lay in shorter ones.

Working with flowers can ease our minds and improve our emotional health in positive ways. The soothing smells and soft texture of the petals on our hands can improve our senses and make us more aware of nature. Flower arrangements can bring us happiness for ourselves and homes, or we can spread that positive energy by gifting it to someone we care about. Whether you choose to buy flowers or create your own garden your CareBuilders at Home caregiver can help make your arrangement great.